Human Resource areas of different companies continue to grow and develop more creative and sophisticated practices, very often through the use of new technology. All this is done to attract, develop, and retain the best human capital, according to the strategy of their business and to the profitability of it.

While celebrating their 20th anniversary, OCCMundial launched the OCCMundial Human Capital Innovation Award, a special award to recognize the best and most innovative practices in human capital management in Mexico, where results on business strategy can be an example to be followed by other companies in the country. The objective was to raise awareness of the importance of human capital and thus raise the sense of pride and belonging of their employees.

The participation was offered to companies and organizations in the country with innovative and successful practices in human capital management. After having received more than 50 responses, 10 large companies were selected, which continuously work on the innovation of their practices for the benefit of human talent, in different categories, such as: recruitment and selection, training, communication, salaries, leadership, organizational development and sustainable social commitment.

Recognized companies had something in common: their creativity to develop innovative practices.

The 10 organizations with the best HR practices in the country are, in alphabetical order:

1. Copachisa Constructora

This Mexican construction company, dedicated to housing, commercial and industrial building activities, participated in two categories: training and recognition. In reference to recognition they shared their program that encourages cooperation and strengthens the sense of belonging, improving knowledge management, communication, collaboration, creation of strategies as well as employee performance, resulting in benefits for the company.

2. Grand Palladium: Hotel & Resorts

Concerned about segmenting its hotels and launching new brands for each hotel with expansion policies and quality standard goals, the company was awarded, while sharing the recognition practices with its Customer Service Excellence program and its Spirit Palladium Prize, as well as its Practices of Sustainable Social Commitment, with actions such as cleaning of coasts, beaches, mangroves, and participation with the Mayan community.

3. Brisas Group

This hotel group was recognized for its Communication practice, keeping constant contact with its employees through innovative strategies and creative communication initiatives, which continuously reminds other that people are the most important asset of the company, emphasizing the values of a team, such as honesty, loyalty, proactive attitude, quality, creativity and innovation, positive spirit, among others; in addition to that, give them incentive to participate in different initiatives, such as training and graduation courses.

4. Crystal Group

Dedicated to the sale of fine jewelry and watches of prestigious brands, this company participated with its best practices in training, communication, recruitment and selection, recognition and sustainable social commitment (with its Brigada Brillante program). In terms of training, the company shared the success of his Brigada Brillante learning platform, in which the employees can access training programs that contribute to their strategic objectives.

5. The Estée Lauder Companies

The worldwide leading group dedicated to manufacture products for skin care, makeup and fragrances participated with a practice of sustainable social commitment through, which more than 2.7 million pesos were donated to different foundations with the same objective: raise awareness against breast cancer, involving employees in this awareness campaign and making them feel proud of being part of this company.

6. OfficeMax

The Mexican company dedicated to provide office and stationery articles won the award with its leadership practice, aligning the competencies of new employees with its recruitment process and the analysis of behavior trends of applicants for new jobs, as well as the identification of preferences, values, personality characteristics, experiences and behaviors to enhance their learning and development skills. Likewise, it is offered team and individual coaching to develop employees’ leadership skills allowing them to furtherly lead work teams and improve communication processes.

7. Digital SSL

This Mexican company offers integral solutions for digital outdoor media (Digital Signage) won the award for its communication practice, for its internal communication strategy aimed at transmitting immediate, timely and sustainable information through digital technology. The main channel to do this is a closed circuit television, where through screens and totems they broadcast the most relevant messages for their team, which are supported by other tools, such as emails, town hall meetings, messages from the podium, and events.

8. Volkswagen: Group Academy Mexico

With participation in 10 of the 11 categories (compensations, physical conditions, talent and performance, knowledge, organizational development, training, leadership, communication, sustainable social commitment, and philosophy and codes), Volkswagen Group Academy Mexico, which is an organization dedicated to professional development as well as to continuous and updated growth of its customers, was recognized with the award. Through its seven areas and more than 300 instructors and consultants, they help people to detect their skills, finding right and appropriated answers.

9. Volkswagen Personnel Management Services

The subsidiary of the German automotive company Volkswagen, knows that the key factor for the proper running of an organization is its human capital. That is why they carry out specific processes of talent search, with the aim of attracting qualified applicants, according to the profiles required for the organization. The recognition granted to Volkswagen was a result of the training dedicated to their specialists of recruitment and selection area, including Competences Interview Workshop, Psychometric Testing Workshop, Observers Workshop and Lessons Learned Session. The other successful practice in which they were trained about was recruitment and selection.

10. WEG Mexico  

The Brazilian-based company, which is dedicated to the production of electric motors, transformers, substations, control and automation equipment, industrial paintings, among others, participated with its best practices of sustainable social commitment. Through this practice, the company implemented a program called WEG Promoting social integration circles which is intended to support the well-being, pay special attention to  health condition of each employee, do community services and contribute to environment protection through actions such as Care for Health, Fighting and Beating Addictions and Reforestation Program.