In June 2021, WEG completed the supply of the WestRock Paper Mill Expansion Project, in Três Barras, state of Santa Catarina, Brazil. The solution package included a 59 MVA turbogenerator, e-Houses, low and medium voltage MCCs, frequency inverters, W22 WELL (WEG Extra Long Life), W50 and W60 motors, dry type transformers and field services.

The technical requirements demanded by the American company were ensured by WEG with integrated and customized solutions. With the capability to supply turn-key solutions from the beginning to the end of the production process, WEG is the ideal partner for those seeking efficiency. In addition, WEG provides customers with a complete after-sales support to ensure the full operational functioning of the electrical equipment.

Concerned about the technical requirements, WestRock, a company that owns the largest kraftliner paper mill in Latin America, chose WEG as a supplier for the optimization and expansion of its production capacity. With this expansion, production increased from 480 thousand to 750 thousand tons per year and the factory's self-sufficiency in energy increased by 30%.

After feasibility analysis, WestRock chose for WELL (WEG Extra Long Life) motor’s technology that meet the reliability requirements demanded by the segment. The longer life time as well as lower maintenance of these motors are characteristics that directly impact the plant's efficiency.

The great challenge of this project was the interchangeability of the new equipment and the service provided without interrupting the operations of the existing plant.

Reliability and trust are delivered by WEG with its broad portfolio available to the market. For the pulp and paper segment, the company has complete solutions, ranging from the supply of high efficiency motors to the most advanced automation systems, including the entire electrical infrastructure and power generation. They are innovative solutions that increase performance and improve the quality of customer’s product.

For Greenfield or Brownfield projects in the pulp and paper segment, count on WEG. For more information, click here.