All around the world governments are more and more concern about the quality of the air in major cities. The quality of fuels has a huge impact on this equation, as pollution created by combustion engines is one of the major pollution sources. Cleaner fuels, with less Sulphur content, is a global trend as well as in Peru where refineries are currently being modernized to meet the new environmental standards.

The production of cleaner diesel and gasoline fuels is the main objective for two ongoing refinery modernization projects in Peru where government has limited the maximum sulfur content up to 50 ppm. In addition to the fuel quality, these projects are also very important since they will increase the Peruvian petroleum by products production capacity to meet the increasing domestic market demand and reduce imports.

WEG has supplied hundreds of electric motors to traditional mechanical rotating equipment OEMs ranging from 10 HP to over 3,000 HP. These motors will drive pumps and other process equipment used to produce cleaner fuels. WEG was also selected to build a complete ehouse for a new hydrogen production facility. The ehouse is self-contained and houses Motor Control Centers, Medium Voltage Switchgear, Custom Panel Assemblies, Transformers, and a Rectifier with battery bank. In addition to the core equipment the ehouse is also equipped with HVAC, a fire suppression system and complete lighting making it plug and play ready when placed on site.

WEG continues to serve its Oil and Gas customers in ways that improve their operation and create value.