The project is a multi-billion grassroots refinery located in the West Coast of Turkey. Designed to process Caspian oil, it will reduce the domestic needs for imported petrochemical products such as Diesel, Jet Fuel and Naphtha. The refinery will also guarantee a sustainable competitive advantage to the Turkish petrochemical industry as the produced Diesel will comply with European standards Euro5 regarding CO2 emissions and quantity of ppm released by the transportation activity.

WEG is playing a key role in this investment supplying a large quantity of electric drivers through traditional mechanical rotating equipment suppliers. The equipment list includes over 50 high efficiency LV motors, 62 fan cooled MV motors in the 140-870 kW range, 15 large air-to-air cooled motors with ratings up to 4,600 kW and 4 MV Variable Frequency Drives.

This was truly a global project and a perfect match to a global supplier such as WEG. Our customers were located in multiple countries including Turkey, Azerbaijan, Greece, Spain, Italy, Germany, South Korea, Japan and USA. They trusted on WEG due to our first class support throughout the project, overall quality and the company expertise to serve the Oil & Gas industry requirements.