WEG has just closed a deal with Construtora Norberto Odebrecht to supply 79 CCM-03i Smart MCC columns. The contractor responsible for the expansion project of the gas transportation capacity in Argentina chose WEG products to drive the motors of Turbo-compressors, Air-coolers, Heaters and auxiliary systems of the pipeline.

Operated by Transportadora de Gás del Sur – TGS and by Transportadora de Gás del Norte - TGN, the Gasoduto Sul project integrates a global Federal Government program that manage the installation until 2010 of a new gas pipeline network covering Argentinean territory from north to south with the purpose of increasing the transportation capacity of the substance in 22 million m3/day.

Besides supplying the CCMs-03i, WEG has also developed a software capable of monitoring all the signals of the drawers and communication networks of the panels in real time as well as alarms with visualization by means of instruments or graphics. All the information is stored in history files which help in diagnosing defaults and aid the maintenance of the equipment. The system also gives easy access to the electric project and the manual of the equipment used on the CCM-03i.

Odebrecht, a WEG long time partner, was also responsible for the construction of the first expansion cycle of the San Martín and Neuba II gas pipelines in 2005.