For a decade, WEG has provided equipment for onshore oil and gas drilling companies. Such experience and credibility resulted in an important new partnership, this time with the Integrated Drilling Equipment Company - IDE Drilling, the company responsible for the design, production, testing and commissioning of five onshore drilling rigs for the Tuscany International Drilling Inc. – the newly installed Canadian multinational in Brazil at the service of the Brazilian company HRT O & G Exploração e Produção de Petróleo Ltda.

Ten electric motors (MGV6808; 800HP; 575V; 40Hz; 800 rpm), suitable for variable-speed operation in environments with high humidity and water, and 16 electric generators (GTA312; 650kVA; 600V; 60Hz; 1800 rpm) driven by diesel motors were provided for this project. These motors were supplied to Stemac, manufacturer of generator sets. The first two drills have already been assembled and are in operation.

The WEG equipment will drive the main machines of the rigs which must operate continuously in shifts from 15 to 30 working days. The motors are used in mud pumps (responsible for the circulation of lubricating mud in the drilled well to maintain the density and opening of the well, lubricate the drill bit and remove debris) and in the crane (responsible for sustaining the block with the drill). The generators produce nearly all the electricity demanded by the drill including lighting, refrigeration and motor driving.

To assemble the equipment and test the drills, the electrical machines were transported by ship and delivered to the customer in the United States in November 2010. The testing and feedback phase was personally and closely followed by engineers from WEG. After testing, the drill was removed and brought to Brazil, and parts were taken by helicopter to the drilling site near Manaus. Only then the drill was reassembled.

Patrick Williams, vice-president of International Sales at IDE Drilling explains the partnership with the Brazilian company and announces new plans. "We chose WEG because of their expertise to provide motors and generators for high quality drilling rigs and we have planned a long business relationship for the future. We want to establish a platform for local production and service companies in Brazil. Along with WEG, we will provide the drilling industry with equipment of the highest quality."