Tests conducted on the field

Transporting transformers to a factory testing laboratory is not feasible, because of the logistics complexity and cost of the operation. In this case, the mobile laboratory takes care of this need.

There are also equipment parts having well characterized problems, which have to be submitted to corrective intervention. Generally, this can be performed on the field, at a lower cost than displacing the transformer to the factory. "The difficulty in these cases ¿ explains the WEG Transformers superintendent ¿ is to conduct complete tests to check for the repair results, before energizing the equipment". Therefore, the mobile laboratory assures accurate analysis at the site where the equipment is installed.

The first job of the Mobile Unit was performed for Companhia Hidro Elétrica do São Francisco - Chesf. WEG revamped a 180 MVA, 550 kV transformer at the Xingó Power Plant, located between the cities of Canindé do São Francisco (SE) and Piranhas (AL), 3,400-km distant from Blumenau, headquarters of WEG Transformers.