Technology sector companies are investing in modernizing workspaces and incorporating new market trends. Mvisia – a WEG Group company specializing in Digital Solutions and Artificial Intelligence – is expanding its production of high-performance cameras, while also investing in new technologies, modernized workplaces and decentralized work.

Since it became a part of the WEG Group, Mvisia has embraced the mission of providing new resources to WEG Digital Solutions and the IoT WEGnology platform, which focuses on meeting Industry 4.0 requirements. With this in mind, the company has just inaugurated a new space dedicated to manufacturing and testing cameras in the city of São Paulo.

The cameras are based on Artificial Intelligence and are equipped with computer vision. In production lines, they can receive information from the environment and transform it into data. In practice, this means they can immediately identify manufacturing defects of a product while it is still in the production line, a process that could only be manually performed until recently.

Mvisia’s investment in the production of high-performance cameras comes at a time when the company celebrates productivity gains due to decentralized work. The company has been integrating specialists and retaining customers by implementing a new work model, where its employees may work at the company or remotely.

The pandemic has triggered a trend that has now transformed into a competitive advantage for technology companies. Decentralized work not only allows the connection between highly qualified professionals, it also benefits local and complex projects that need multidisciplinary solutions,” says Fernando Torres Velloso da Silva, Director of Mvisia.

Teams and employees in Mvisia can now work anywhere, anytime, as long as they are connected with proper technological resources. The guarantee of this connection lies in the software created by the company itself, which allows teams to perform well when they are not present at their work base.

The integration between employees, customers and the company has changed, as have our results. We had a great increase in the sales of cameras and solutions for a varied range of market segments, a result of our investments in new technologies and modern environments for both office and decentralized work,” says Velloso da Silva.

At WEG Digital headquarters in Jaraguá do Sul, the creation of a co-working environment allowed for the flexible welcoming of employees from MVISIA and other startups from WEG Digital Ecosystem.

The integration of teams always accelerates the development of products and solutions, as well as allowing the co-creation and integration of different knowledge, as hardware, software, firmware, cybersecurity and manufacturing. With this new physical structure, we have been able to accelerate the integration, flexibility and motivation of our developers,” explains Carlos José Bastos Grillo, WEG Digital Solutions Director.