Siegfried Kreutzfeld, WEG Motors Director, receives FINEP Prize 2012 from President Dilma Rousseff

WEG received, in a ceremony with the presence of the Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff, the FINEP Innovation Prize 2012 it the category “Large Company”. With its process of innovation management, the company was third place, behind Embraer and Natura.
The project, organized by the Study and Project Funding Agency (Finep), linked to the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, (MCTI), was created to recognize and disseminate innovative efforts carried out by Brazilian companies, scientific and technological institutions, and inventors, developed in Brazil and already applied in the country or abroad.
Among the nine categories, three are dedicated to enterprises of all sizes: Micro/Small, Medium and Large Company. This year, besides the trophy, all the first places receive a cash prize to the amount of about nine million reals.
“The capacity of innovating is a Sine Qua Non condition for companies like WEG. Besides quality products, we constantly seek to adopt sustainable actions, from the manufacture to the use of the products. Receiving an important prize like that is the acknowledgement of all this effort and team work”, explains Siegfried Kreutzfeld, WEG’s Director of technology and Innovation.
The ceremony was held at the Presidential Palace, in Brasilia (DF), with the participation of President Dilma Rousseff.