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WEG manufactures & supplies its largest (8000HP) & most efficient MV Frequency Inverter

The largest medium voltage inverter ever manufactured by WEG is on its way to the US. The 8000-HP MVW-01 950A will control a 7500-HP WEG ... Know more


Exchanging motors reduces production cost at Buettner by 33%

With the exchange of standard equipment for the modern WMagnet motor line, Buettner gains more productivity and saves on power consumptio... Know more


More efficient motors: The answer to Global warming

New Bunge plant increases its extraction capacity of soybean oil using Wmagnet motors which have the lowest operational cost in the marke... Know more


WEG & Mecaltec: An efficient partnership in the metals casting industry

Mecaltec equipment with WEG motors at Castings Exhibition Know more


New motors cut energy use and reduce costs

WEG’s new W22 range of electric motors exceed the latest energy efficiency standards and offer cost-saving benefits too Know more

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