WEG serves the oil & gas industry globally

WEG is a globally recognized supplier of premium electric products for the industry. Our global structure allows us to be closer to our Oil & Gas customers. Over 30 subsidiaries established in key countries are prepared to provide you with technical and commercial support; our manufacturing plants strategically located in the main markets can serve you with short deliveries; and our network of over 1,250 Authorized Service Agents located in the five continents are fully equipped to give you prompt after sales and service support.

The combination of skilled staff, industry expertise and continually updated manufacturing methods and processes, in addition to high-tech R&D and laboratories, ensure that WEG products are suited to the widest range of applications and operating environments worldwide.

Weitere Anwendungsberichte

Weitere Anwendungsberichte

WEG Solutions for the Offshore Industry

Weitere Anwendungsberichte

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