The M30 downtown highway in Madrid is a large traffic distribution route. Currently, over 300,000 vehicles, approximately 500,000 people, go through it everyday.
Reconstruction of the M30 is an underground job where WEG will deliver approximately 900 motors of 400°C 2 hours and 200°C 2 hours, in power ratings between 15 and 630 KW that will be installed in axial fans.
The 200°C 2 hour motors are being produced in our factory in Portugal while the 400°C 2 hour motors are produced in our factories in Brazil.
Besides this, the order includes temperature tests of the main motors being supplied.
With this order, WEG re-enforces its position in the SMOKE EXTRACTION motor market.

400°C 2 hour tests for Calle 30

Within the scheduled testing plans, last 28th and 29th of June, the 400ºC 2 hour tests were held in the laboratory of San Pedro de Anes (Asturias) meeting Zitrón is request for fans with WEG electric motors which will be installed in Calle 30 (Madrid).
The motors tested were of 15 and 18.5 KW at 1.500 r.p.m. Making part of WEG´s regular supply, these motors have been certified by the CTICM since 2002. Nevertheless, due to the large number of fans and motors that will be installed with these power ratings in C30, additional tests have been requested.
The test consists in making the fan work for 1 hour at room temperature, and afterwards starting the motor again. Applying temperatures in a way that during 7-10 minutes the temperature of the air inside the furnace reaches 400ºC and making it work for 2 hours.
The results were quite satisfactory and the test finished upon the conclusion of the 2 hours, and the motors continue working correctly.