Producing clean energy and taking advantage of the hydraulic potential of a river is the main role of hydroelectric power plants. In order to allow them to operate efficiently and safely, a set of quality and reliable equipment built for long continuous operating periods is required. To guarantee the success of this project’s operation, WEG was selected to supply the hidrogenerators for São Roque Hydroelectric Power Plant, located in the municipality of Vargem, the state of Santa Catarina, in Brazil.

Regarded as one of the most important project components, WEG´s package includes three 50.5 MVA, 13.8 kV and 180 rpm SLW 4000 hydrogenerators and the auxiliary equipment.

Weighing 285 tons each and approximately eight meters in diameter, these machineries are the largest electric hydrogenerators ever produced by WEG.With specialized engineering and verticalized production, WEG designs and produces equipment that fully meets our customer’s needs and requirements.

This supply is part of a large infrastructure project that will provide energy for Brazil´s electric system, boosting the region and the country´s economic sector. Dependent on 142 megawatts of installed capacity, the São Roque Power Plant generates enough energy to supply a city with approximately 170 thousand people.

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