Within the partnership with HANNAIK, WEG designed two x 195kVA generators, which are driven by diesel engines resulting in two specific generator sets for power generation.

This is a special application at an international level, which is considered as a solution for marine environments with high salt concentration and very demanding construction requirements.

With the expertise of producing over 90,000 MW of alternator power, WEG offers a wide range of alternators for a wide variety of applications, from simple to the most complex, in any environment.

Designed to meet customer needs, alternators are specially sized according to particular application requirements: generator sets, wind turbines, steam or gas turbogenerators and hydrogenerators.

The application of a generator ensures power supply regardless of the distribution grid, which makes WEG alternators an excellent solution for emergency or non-stop generation in on-shore or offshore applications.

HANNAIK is a Portuguese company specialized and dedicated to the production of solutions for power generation projects and this makes WEG proud of building a long lasting and quality relationship with this business partner.