The energy supply building where the gen-sets are located is one of the most important facilities in a hospital, being responsible for keeping all the equipment that supports the institution's processes, clinical care and other procedures while in full operation.

With modern facilities dedicated to cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment, the Hospital Beneficência Portuguesa - Centro Oncológico São José in Brazil, or BP as also known, offers 54 individual apartments exclusively dedicated to cancer treatment, in addition to apartments for radiotherapy, chemotherapy sessions and 19 rooms for quick applications as well as 10 rooms for clinical consultations in the area.

To ensure the continuous electric energy supply, as it is essential throughout the building in any situation, the Hospital BP currently has three 460 kVA gen-sets installed and has recently acquired other three from STEMAC to double its current power generation capacity.

STEMAC gen-sets are manufactured with the latest technology to meet such demanding applications and rely on WEG high quality and robustness of the G Plus synchronous alternators line on this critical project. The three additional 460 kVA gen-sets with WEG alternators will run in parallel with the existing gen-sets.

The gen-sets supplied to Hospital Beneficência Portuguesa will increase the generation capacity and will provide another layer of reliability, safety and high operational availability when most needed. It will be ready to act in emergency situations such as a grid failure resulting in a power shortage, guaranteeing the energy supply for the continuity of hospital operations and sectors that have life support equipment.