According to the Global Cement Report 9th Edition, Peru is the seventh largest cement producer in the world. The country will increase its production capacity with the conclusion of the “Molino VIII”, located at the Condorcocha plant of UNACEM, formed due to the merger of Cementos Lima and Cemento Andino.

UNACEM is the largest cement producer in Peru, and will increasing the cement production in Peru . WEG, together with the consulting company ARPL Tecnologia Industrial S.A., are major contributors to this important project, supplying a slip ring motor (wound rotor) with an output of 6000HP, 14 Poles and a power supply of 6600V. The motor was especially developed for the extreme operating conditions of the mill and designed to operate at nearly four thousand meters of altitude.

In addition to the product supply – motors and rheostats – WEG also provided, in partnership with WEG’s Peru distributor, Hidrostal, consultation services for the calculation and specification of the required power and resistances needed for the liquid rheostat, used when starting the motors.

Luis Bustamante, sales supervisor of the WEG product line at Hidrostal, points out the challenges of sizing the equipment so as to meet the requirements of the mill gearbox. “In this project, we went beyond the traditional product supply. We assessed and studied every aspect of the complete drive, from the motor power supply to the coupling and special gearbox of the mill. Always focusing on operating and maintaining the mill remotely in a reliable, safe way and with lower operating costs.”

After a technical visit of representatives and engineers of ARPL to the manufacturing plants in Jaraguá do sul/SC, they officially certified that “the technical capacity of the sales and engineering department, of both WEG and Hidrostal, provided the proper solution for the needs in general, including the offer, contract closing, manufacture, delivery and after sales follow-up.”

About Hidrostal
Hidrostal has operated on the Peruvian market for sixty years and as a WEG distributor for thirty years. It continues to stand out as a leader in the installation, commissioning and start-up of motors and transformers by highly qualified professionals.

União Andina de Cementos (UNACEM) manufactures and trades clinker, cement and concrete by its subsidiary UNICON. The company was formed by the merger, in 2012, of the companies Cementos Lima e Cemento Andino, becoming the largest Peruvian cement producer.
UNACEM has two manufacturing plants located in Lima and Junín, whose capacity is 6.68 million tons of clinker and 7.60 million tons of cement a year.