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WEG Acquires Colombia’s FTC Energy Group

This acquisition will allow WEG to consolidate our presence in the Colombian market Erfahren Sie mehr


WEG Acquired a Motor and Gearbox Factory in Europe

WEG announces the acquisition of a German electric motor and gearbox company. Erfahren Sie mehr


WEG announces acquisition in South Africa

Acquisition of the transformer business from Hawker Siddeley Electric Africa increases WEG production capacity in South Africa Erfahren Sie mehr


WEG announces acquisition of an industrial coatings plant

Stardur expands WEG’s industrial coatings business portfolio Erfahren Sie mehr


WEG acquires the European company Watt Drive

Watt Drive acquisition enhances product portfolio and reinforces WEG’s presence in power transmition Erfahren Sie mehr


WEG to acquire Electric Machinery unit of GE’s Converteam business

A technological leader in the development of high value added products, EM's revenues in 2011 are estimated to reach US$ 56 million. Erfahren Sie mehr


WEG Inaugurates Plant in India

New WEG Plant in India starts production with order of motors for Water Treatment System in Bangalore Erfahren Sie mehr


WEG further expands global transformer manufacturing capability with inauguration of new Transformer Plant in Mexico

WEG has further advanced its position as a leading global supplier of power transformers, with the inauguration of a new state-of-the-art... Erfahren Sie mehr


Two new acquisitions

WEG increases its shareholding in Voltran, Mexico, and announced the acquisition of control of the Zest Group, in South Africa. Erfahren Sie mehr

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