Water is an indispensable resource for life and although it is a natural source, to reach people it requires efficient infrastructure and equipment. Concerned about this, Ruhrpumpen, one of the main manufacturers of pump systems in the world, chose WEG as equipment supplier to the named Ramal do Agreste project, which will take water to about 70 municipalities in the state of Pernambuco, Northeastern Brazil.

This water infrastructure is an extension of the São Francisco River Integration project with the Northeastern Hydrographic Basins. The main objective is to capture water from the Barro Branco dam, in the municipality of Sertânia and drain it into the Ipojuca reservoir, in the municipality of Arcoverde, in Brazil.

To drive the centrifugal pumps that will be installed at the pumping station, WEG is supplying three M mine slip ring motors, frame size 900, 8,000 kW, 13,800 V with special features such as the flexibility of their electrical and mechanical design. They are versatile motors that allow different configurations to suit different applications. In addition, the use of slip ring motors presents a low starting current of the motors, close to the nominal, thus minimizing the voltage drop, optimizing the substation and, consequently, reducing investments in the electrical installation.

By choosing the WEG M line motors, Ruhrpumpen invests in project reliability that will benefit around 2.2 million people, in addition to contributing to the development of the region. For WEG, being a key supplier for this project strengthens the company’s image as an important player in the Water segment and includes another supply reference in the market.