Renowned player in the water and wastewater market selected WEG for an important wastewater project that will bring major environmental benefits for more than 7 million people, due to the fact that the station will mean less wastewater running into the rivers, thus improving the quality of water and air, as well as the conditions for fauna, in the entire area surrounding the Bogotá River. It will also ensure the necessary flow rate is achieved to generate energy.

Once in operation, the lift station will receive 70% of the city’s wastewater. Thus, one of the world's leading suppliers of pumps, valves and related systems, chose to use WEG motors that will be responsible for driving the project's centrifugal pumps.

Pumping is considered the most critical process and, for that, were selected vertical three-phase induction motors of the Master line of 4,300 kW, frame 1000, 4,160 V. The motors of this line stand out for their flexibility, high performance and reliability of operation, extremely important attributes for this process.

The new structure will pump water from the 70-metre-deep well to the wastewater treatment plants (around 39 liters per second), where it will be treated before running into the Muña reservoir and Bogotá River.

Specifically, the Canoas WWTP is built, 800 tons of pollutant waste will cease to run into the river each day.