The mining segment has sought solutions in the market that meet their needs and complexities. Aware of this demand, WEG, which offers modern and efficient solutions for the most diverse segments and applications, supplied to the mining company Vale Verde, located in the state of Alagoas - Brazil, two M Mining slip rings motors with output power of 5,400 kW and rated voltage of 13,800 V. 

The motors will be responsible for driving the main mill of the plant supplied by the company FLSmidth. The WEG M Mining slip rings motor has a new automatic brush lifting system, which discerns the WEG product in this segment and places it in a prominent position in mining slip rings motor projects. The motors were specially developed with electromechanical characteristics that provide durability, resistance and robustness, being able to operate in severe environments of the mining and cement segments. 

In addition to the above advantages, M Mining line motors, with automatic brush lifting system, incorporate operating logic, resources for fault investigation, monitoring of operation via HMI and prevention of improper maneuvers, simplifying and reducing maintenance costs, motor installation, operation and maintenance. 

The mining company, which intends to process 4.1 million tons of ore with an average content of 0.70% Cu and recover 84.9% of this total, will thus guarantee more modern equipment and all technical assistance and WEG after-sales support, the most complete in Brazil in the electric motors segment, which allows greater safety and reliability in the operation.