caption: Complete Substation construction site at WWTP Canoas

Mota-Engil, a multinational with activities focused on the construction and management of infrastructures, responsible for the construction of the Canoas wastewater lifting station, selected WEG as the provider of a large package of electrical solutions for an important initiative to decontaminate the waters of the Bogotá River, in Colombia.

When the project is completed, the pumping station will receive the wastewater from approximately 70% of the city, corresponding to the Fucha, Tintal and Tunjuelo river basins, and the wastewater from the Municipality of Soacha, to be later pumped to the future Canoas Wastewater Treatment Plant, which will be one of the largest in Latin America. This great milestone will make it possible to return quality water to the Bogotá River and guarantee the sustainable development of the country.

One of the great challenges of this project is to guarantee the safe distribution of energy to the electrical systems and motors. For this, WEG has supplied a complete 115 kV substation that includes two 30 MVA/115/13.2 kV transformers, adding more efficiency and reliability to the plant. 17 medium voltage switchgears were also supplied in addition to low voltage load centers.

For this project, WEG will also be supplying six three-phase induction motors and six medium voltage variable frequency drives. Each 4,300kW motor, vertically mounted, will be coupled to its respective pump and will be responsible for pumping 6.4 cubic meters of wastewater per second to 51.6 meters height from the well, one of the most critical processes in the plant. This demonstrates the company's ability to develop integrated solutions that meet the most diverse applications.

With participation in other important projects in the water and wasterwater segment, in various processes such as potable water treatment plants, wastewater treatment and distribution system, WEG reinforces its experience in this segment by being selected for this important project, thus contributing to the improvement of the quality of life of the population and the environment.

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Caption: One of WEG’s  4,300 kW vertical motors before shipping