WEG develops mobile solutions using state-of-the-art components to ensure operational dynamism and time saving, providing the customer with installation and operation facilities wherever needed. An example of this type of supply is the case of ENEL, a company that operates in the national transmission and distribution segment, serving 237 municipalities and covering 98.7% of the central state of Goiás. In addition to having acquired two mobile solutions in 2020, one with power rating of 50MVA and the other with 33MVA, in June 2021 the customer acquired two more substations. 

The supply of the two most recent mobile substations, both with power rating of 33MVA, were delivered to Trindade and Acreúna Substations in Goiás, where they will be used to step electricity down from 138kV and 69kV to 34.5kV and 13.8kV. To give an idea, a 33.3 MVA substation can serve around 33,000 homes. 

Both substations make part of a project to renew and strengthen Enel´s contingency system in the state of Goiás. For the customer, this acquisition is a major investment, which directly reflects to improve reliability of the energy distribution system and to plan maintenance support and expansions of new and existing substations. “We can provide quick service operations in the system, whether preventive or corrective. For example, replace a transformer for a more modern one, without a mobile substation, would require the construction a temporary substation, which would take several days. With the mobile unit, all we have to do is move it to the substation, perform technical and safety tests and connect it to the system. This entire process is carried out within few hours”, says Reginaldo Santos, responsible engineer for High Voltage at Enel Distribuição Goiás. 

Regarding the 2020 supply, the 50MVA mobile substation is highlighted by the high complexity of engineering applied to the power transformer, ensuring an operation at 138kV with the flexibility of 3 medium voltage reconnections and power rating of 50MVA, with the application of two hybrid High Voltage Modules, considering limitations of weight and size of the substation for local road transportation.

The investment in a mobile substation is justified by the fast re-establishment of energy, in case there is a discrepancy with any equipment or system of the existing substation, which could harm or interrupt the distribution of energy to a neighborhood or even a city.The interruption of energy is subject to high fines and penalties for energy utilities, so the quick return with safety and reliability is extremely important.

For WEG, these supplies represent our know-how in promoting a solid and complete solution, including state-of-the-art equipment, in addition to the very high performance and reliability, providing a customized engineering solution according to each customer needs.