The G3 full line of planetary gearboxes from WEG are among the world’s most robust and capable of running for 10 years before major servicing is required. Manufactured in Brazil by TGM - WEG Group, and distributed by ZEST WEG, subsidiary of WEG Group in Sub-Saharan Africa, these units are successfully operating in sugars mills in Zimbabwe and Angola.

The planetary gearboxes output torque ranges from 400 kNm up to 10,000 kNm. The bearings are surface treated in Black Oxide and are dimensioned for a life L10h ≥ 100,000 hours according to ISO 281 and the service factor ≥ 2, which contributes to the efficiency and safety of the planetary gearbox.

These gearboxes are popular in central drive applications in diffusers and sugar mills, where they are also used as pinion-less and assist drives.

In addition to their high mechanical efficiency and robust gear and bearing sets, the gearboxes are flexible in their installation. The high-performance hydraulic system has quality lubricant oil filtration, with 10-micron absolute filtration elements and air-oil heat exchanger for optimal cooling.

The pioneering electronic monitoring system checks oil temperature, pressure and vibration variables to ensure the gearbox is not subject to over-torque. This guarantees smooth and reliable operation within the established limits, allowing optimum equipment usage and reduced maintenance costs.

Committed to quality and environmental responsibility, TGM WEG Group is certified in terms of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. The company’s modern industrial complex features gear machining centers, milling machines, grinding machines, a bearing manufacturing department, a lubricating oil analysis laboratory and an assembly and testing unit for gearboxes and multipliers.