As one of the world´s largest manufacturers of electro-electronic equipment, WEG participated as a platinum sponsor at the AEDyR Technical Conference, Sustainability: Renewable Energy and Water, held on December 15th in Madrid, Spain.  Javier de la Morena, head of large accounts and Marketing at WEG Iberia, was in charge of opening the sustainability session with the presentation "The strategic vision for efficient and sustainable global solutions with a complete line of electrical machines. Solutions for the Water segment".

The main objective of this conference was to massively promote the use of renewable energies in the water treatment sector, and more specifically in the desalination and reuse sector. Technicians from the water treatment sector and technicians from the renewable energy sector had the opportunity to interact in order to make water treatment more sustainable and presented their solutions and proposals to continue advancing in both markets.

WEG's presentation focused on showing the company's strategic approach to improve energy efficiency and sustainability, and its application in water treatment projects. A brief presentation of the equipment manufactured by WEG for Renewable Energies, as well as the new Motion Fleet Management product, recently launched on the market, were also highlighted.

Success cases were presented in large international projects, where WEG was awarded and selected to provide specifically designed electrical solutions, motors and variable speed drives, thanks to the high value of energy efficiency achieved, which contributes significantly and directly to the reduction of the carbon footprint in these segment infrastructures, which in fact was the object of these interesting Conferences. Finally, Javier showed some of WEG's actions and strategic corporate commitments on sustainability and the environment.

AEDYR, the Spanish association on desalination and reuse, was created in 1998 to bring together the different companies and groups in this sector in Spain, following the enormous interest that Spanish desalination technology arouses throughout the world. Its purpose is "to promote proper use of seawater and brackish water desalination and the reuse of wastewater, contributing to the sustainable management of water resources." To do this, EADYR carries out a series of activities, including its congresses, as a meeting point for the sector and dissemination of research and technological innovations, and technical training and preparation activities.

As a technological partner in the desalination, reuse and water treatment sectors, WEG participates in events and presentations at a global level presenting the latest company´s innovations for the Water industry. Jesús Rivas, head of the Water Department at WEG International Division, pointed out after the conference “we are very committed to the improvement and efficiency of water treatment plants around the world. For this reason, we work daily to develop tailor-made solutions for our customers and become their trusted supplier. At events such as AEDYR we intend to make ourselves known to those who have not yet worked with us and to see first-hand that with our products we save energy and costs, while preserving the environment”.

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