WEG was elected for the eighth consecutive time as one of the most innovative companies in Brazil by the Valor Inovação 2022 award.  This is the widest survey of large companies in Brazil, conducted by financial newspaper Valor Econômico in partnership with the Strategy&, a consulting firm of the PwC Group, ranking the fourth place in this year’s survey.

The survey aims to measure the capacity for innovation, evaluating skills such as creativity, ability to generate knowledge, and the strategic application of new technologies. Strategy&'s analysis team evaluated 253 companies in this year's edition, 150 of which were classified for the general ranking. The award recognizes the leaders in innovation in 25 sectors of economic activity and the 10 most innovative in the general ranking. In all eight editions of the award, WEG has always been among the top 10.

According to Rodrigo Fumo Fernandes, WEG´s Global Technological Innovation Director, in addition to large investments, it is necessary to maintain a culture of challenges and people who seek this in the company. After all, what makes difference in innovation is people.

“Innovation is directly related to restlessness, thus, the constant search for improvement, competitiveness and growth. Therefore, in order to promote innovation, it is necessary to have people within the corporation who are restless, curious, who challenge the status quo on a daily basis and who are entrepreneurs,” emphasizes the director.

The 8th edition of the Valor Inovação Brasil Award was held in a virtual event on July 26th. WEG´s Global Technological Innovation Director participated in the award ceremony and dedicated the recognition to the more than 37 thousand WEG employees who work tirelessly to build a bigger and better company.