Focused on egg production since 1947, Granja Ueyama is constantly looking for innovative and efficient solutions to improve the company's operations. Located in the city of Bastos, São Paulo State, the farm counted on WEG Elétrica Luand to implement this energy efficiency project. 

The air moved by efficiency. 

The W30 Smart EC ,chosen to consolidate the partnership between Granja Ueyama and WEG, stands out as a key part to modernize the exhaust system in the poultry facilities, providing a significant reduction in electrical energy consumption and downtime for maintenance. 

The 1.5 hp, 1110 rpm W30 Smart EC motor supplied by WEG with an efficiency that exceeds the IE5 level of the IEC 60034-30-2 standard was strategically installed in the poultry house fan and plays an essential role in exhausting high temperatures and air renewal due to its high technology of permanent magnets and integrated frequency inverter, making it an efficient solution for animal comfort. 

Impact on Energy Efficiency. 

The project carried out at the customer achieved energy savings of 55%, representing not only a financial advantage, but also a positive environmental impact. The investment in the W30 Smart EC motor also contributes to reducing CO2 emissions, in line with sustainability principles. 

This supply highlights WEG's commitment to developing solutions that generate tangible benefits for its customers, promoting a more efficient and sustainable vision of the future in the food and beverage industry.