SPI 1120 Synchronous generator during installation at the power plant.

WEG has recently supplied to the leading provider of fully integrated turnkey Power Generation projects with complete Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) EGESIM Enerji Elektromekanik VE Elektrik Taahhut, a pressurized synchronous generator Model SPI 1120, for a green field project at a geothermal power plant located in Buharkent / Aydin province, Turkey.

Featuring 18,389kVA, 1500rpm, 11,000V, 50Hz, this pressurized generator will be coupled to an Atlas Copco turbo-expander for power generation at the Turkish geothermal power plant. 

In terms of operating arrangements, the steam from the subsoil drives the turbo-expander, which will drive the WEG generator, hence producing energy. Due to the presence of H2S gas (hydrogen sulfide), a pressurized generator (Exp) was designed to have an internal pressure in the generator greater than the external pressure, avoiding the contact of the hydrogen sulfide with the internal parts of the generator.

In reference to worldwide raw material platform, there are few countries that have this natural resource available today. Therefore, these projects are always very much disputed by machinery suppliers. Turkey, Iceland, some countries in South America and Asia are the countries that can take advantage of such natural resource.

For EGESIM, the high efficiency synchronous generator represents another key product delivered to a renewable power plant and guarantees large-scale clean energy production level.

This is the first purchase order placed by EGESIM, where Atlas Copco recommended WEG due to the traditional supplies made previously to them for similar projects.

EGESIM stands out by taking on the role of complete EPC by providing a turnkey project to the final customer Limgaz Buharkent Jeotermal. 

This power plant´s operating lifetime is expected for a minimum of 20 to 25 years. When it comes to power generation, where the consumption demand tends to increase over the years, the return on invested capital by the final customer will occur long before this period.

About Geothermal power generation:

It is the utilization of the thermal energy (natural heat) available in the earth that is converted into electricity with a generator through a phenomenon called electromagnetic induction in a cleaner way. The advantages arising out of this process include high-energy efficiency production index, low CO2 emissions, and when compared to fossil fuels, it is regarded as a renewable energy.