With an installed power of 1.9MW and energy storage capacity up to 5.3MWh, the set will be supplied to, owned and operated by Viridity Energy Solutions, Inc. (Viridity), a subsidiary of Ormat Technologies, Inc..

The supply agreement, which includes Northern Power, WEG's technology partner for in the energy storage business, was closed on a turn-key basis and includes manufacturing, construction, commissioning, service and technical support to the plant.

Scheduled to go live in June 2019, the BESS - Battery Energy Storage System - will provide power to the Vermont Electric Cooperative, a Utility in Hinesburg, Vermont. Equipped with SDS Samsung's lithium batteries, the system, in addition to supplying energy at peak consumption times, helps control the voltage and frequency of the region's power grid, purpose of storing energy when the consumption is less than the generation and supply the stored energy to the grid when the consumption increases, balancing the electricity between supply and consumption.

According to Mr. João Paulo Gualberto da Silva, WEG's Director of New Solar and Wind Power Energies "This is the first major commercial scale lithium-ion battery power project that WEG provides. Being able to debut in the US market with a partner as experienced as Viridity is very important for the expansion of our business in the growing battery energy storage markets.

This project is a great example of what we can do when we work together across multiple organizations to achieve positive outcomes. We are pleased to be able to work with Vermont Electric Co-op to get this project implemented”, said Raj Chudgar, Viridity´s President.

About Viridity Energy, Inc. - Viridity Energy, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ormat Technologies, Inc. is a leading battery storage and distributed generation, demand response, and demand management solution provider. Through its unique, flexible and turn-key VPowerTM software and services platform, Viridity maximizes energy revenue and savings for its customers. Viridity empowers customers to cut their electricity prices through best-in-class proprietary peak shaving algorithms, and its market leading VPowerTM optimization software, that ensures the best economic return for each KW of flexible energy load, including generating revenue for customers in the wholesale energy markets. Viridity is a market leader in advanced distributed energy resources (“DER”) with a specific focus on battery storage and by combining the skills of Viridity with its parent company Ormat, Viridity brings to market the unique ability to provide a broad, end-to-end DER solution to customers either as a service, with no capital outlay by the customer, or as a sale. 

About Northern Power - Northern Power designs and manufactures distributed power generation and energy storage solutions with its advanced wind turbines, inverters, controls, and integration services. With approximately 23 million run-time hours across its global fleet, Northern Power products provide customers with clean, cost-effective, reliable renewable energy. Northern Power also develops turnkey energy storage projects for grid connected and seamless islanding applications. Northern Power has been a technology innovator for over 40 years and serves clients around the globe from its US headquarters and European offices.