Hitech Electric, a Brazilian electro-mobility company, begins 2023 with a historic milestone for the national automotive industry: the launch of the first 100% electric utility vehicle assembly line in the country. The line was implemented in a new factory with a total area of 10,000 m², which will be inaugurated next month in the city of Campo Largo, state of Paraná, Brazil.

The project changes the business dynamics and performance of Hitech Electric in Brazil, enabling the implementation of new technologies and turning it into an automotive assembly company, after five years of acting as an importer and developer of electric vehicles. Hitech Electric is part of the Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) program of Positivo Tecnologia, a Brazilian technology company that is a strategic partner and technology investor of the startup.

In addition to the launch of the assembly line and factory in Brazil, Hitech Electric presents another novelty: the partnership with WEG for the supply of the Powertrain, a term that combines motor + inverter. The alliance also includes the supply of a non-flammable lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery to all vehicles assembled by Hitech Electric. In addition, SUVs, compact trucks, VUC (Urban Cargo Vehicle) and other models developed by Hitech Electric will have the use of an additional WEG battery pack for range expansion.

Rodrigo Contin, CEO of Hitech Electric, explains that the company's portfolio was adjusted to exclusively meet the demands related to last-mile cargo transportation. They are versatile, robust and efficient products, with applied technology and connectivity to promote the reduction of operating costs for urban carriers, in addition to increasing post-sale security for customers through national manufacturing. “Now we have different electric models for the transport of goods, tailored to the needs of the last mile for orders and deliveries, as well as super applications, urban deliveries, electronic commerce networks, among others. Our models generate a drastic reduction in the operating cost of companies. In addition to driving the expansion of the industry in Brazil, their models also bring advantages for the environment: zero carbon emissions”, he highlights.

The start of the assembly of vehicles in the new factory will take place in March. The first batch of SUVs and compact trucks will begin delivery during the same month. The operational capacity of the new Hitech Electric plant was scaled up in phases. In the first stage, the assembly capacity is 50 vehicles per month, with the possibility of expanding to 100 units in the short term. The expectation is that approximately one thousand vehicles per year will be sold at the start of the project. It is also planned to expand the plant in new phases to meet the growing market demand.