WEG / VJP is a proud sponsor of the upcoming IEEE Petroleum and Chemical Industry (PCIC) Conference to be held at the Vancouver Convention Centre, Vancouver, BC on September 9th to 11th, 2019. 

The PCIC Standards Subcommittee coordinates the activities of approximately 50 IEEE and other industry related standards. The individual Standard Committees establish a Working Group to meet, discuss and make the technical decisions necessary to form and maintain their standard.  Many of these Working Groups arrange their meeting schedule a few days before or after the PCIC annual conference.

The key to any standard is the quality and commitment of its members. Technical knowledge or expertise is just a part of what constitutes being a good member.  Consistent participation, the ability to listen, to discuss, and to understand, along with a willingness to accept the ideas of others, is just as important.

The technical paper presentations run from Monday, September 9 to Wednesday, September 11. Meetings for Standards sponsored by PCIC begin the Thursday prior to the Conference dates. The PCIC encourages all attendees, especially new attendees, to increase their value from the PCIC conference by actively participating in the various Working Group meetings. You are welcome to attend as a guest or better yet, to join as a member to influence the outcome of the next revision, or to work on the development of a completely new standard. Active participation provides a greater insight and understanding of the Industry issues that are addressed in the development and updating of these Standards.

WEG/VJP, a proud sponsor of the 2019 IEEE PCIC Conference, knows that after a long day of tutorials and standard meetings, you will need to unwind. That’s why WEG has organized two social events. Join us for the fun at Waves of Change, Oceans of Opportunities socials on Monday September 9, from 7:30 to 11pm, and before you set sail, join us for food, beverages & giveaways on September 11th, from 6 to 11pm, at Pan Pacific Hotel.

To confirm your attendance to WEG’s socials; Waves of Change Oceans of Opportunities, please click here.

Have a drink on us!

See you at 2019 IEEE PCIC Vancouver Conference!