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Largest and oldest sugar mill in Ecuador doubles production while reducing energy consumption

Responsible for 33% of the sugar produced in the country, Ingenio Valdez will from now operate with a completely automatized extraction p... Know more


The largest and most efficient Medium Voltage Variable Frequency Drive

The largest medium voltage variable frequency drive ever manufactured by WEG is on its way to the US. The equipment, 8000HP rated power, ... Know more


Energy Efficiency at Cargill

WEG provides solutions that assure productivity and energy savings in the food production process from the first stages of the chain. Know more


WEG Solutions ensure more efficiency for the textile industry

By replacing the standard equipment for the Wmagnet line, Teka gains more productivity and still saves energy Know more


Exchanging motors reduces production cost at Buettner by 33%

With the exchange of standard equipment for the modern WMagnet line, Buettner gains more productivity and even saves on power consumption... Know more


Tool simulates power savings in Industry

See how to save electric power and reduce CO2 emissions in your company. Know more


More efficient motors: a weapon against crisis

New Bunge plant increases its extraction capacity of soybean oil using Wmagnet motors. Equipment has the lowest operational cost of the m... Know more


IES: Durability and efficiency in a complete structure

The Integrated Electric Systems - IES were created to supply assembled and interconnected electric solutions ready to receive external co... Know more

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