Heading towards a more sustainable future, WEG has recently concluded a significant collaborative project with the GRAAL gas station network. This initiative represents the largest investment by a gas station network in electric charging stations, transforming prime roadside stops into excellent locations for recharging electric vehicles and marking a new chapter in the transition to clean energy sources.

The project involves the installation of 25 ultrarapid charging stations, WEMOB Station, capable of recharging two vehicles simultaneously, and four semi rapid charging stations, WEMOB Parking, from WEG at 25 GRAAL gas stations located in the states of Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina, São Paulo, and Minas Gerais in Brazil. These electric charging stations will be strategically distributed throughout these regions, making electric charging more accessible for drivers seeking a cleaner alternative for their travels.

By installing charging stations at gas stations, the GRAAL network plays a vital role in creating an efficient, safe, and convenient infrastructure for electric vehicle users. Thus, while enjoying the quality services of the GRAAL network, their vehicles will quickly recharge for the journey ahead. This initiative will significantly contribute to reducing carbon emissions, encouraging more individuals and businesses to adopt electric vehicles.

As the world increasingly leans towards sustainable energy sources, the partnership between WEG and the GRAAL Gas Station Network is an example of how innovation and commitment to sustainability can drive the transition to a cleaner future.