Code of ethics

Code of ethics

Taking into account that the sustainability of WEG’s growth depends fundamentally on an ethically correct conduct in the relationship between stakeholders, the Code of Ethics is part of the transparent management of WEG. The document presents to all of its employees and managers the expected conduct in their activities. In addition, WEG encourages the application of the guidelines of the Code of Ethics to its stakeholders, which are: related companies, suppliers, contractors, sales representatives/distributors, dealers and technical assistant’s customers, investors, community and government.

Recently the Code of Ethics was reassessed and updated. And in 2014 its 2nd edition was released, which included the following improvements:

  • Inclusion of new topics (corruption and environment)
  • Global application with versions in Portuguese, English, Spanish and Mandarin
  • Improvement in the denouncement management system
Code of Ethics Code of Ethics for Suppliers

Denouncement management system

For the denouncements about its violation, the Code of Ethics has different communication channels, applied globally, which are:

The provided information will be kept confidential, except for situations in which WEG has the legal obligation to report to government agencies and audits. Cases that are not included in the document are discussed by the Code of Ethics Management Commission together with the direction of Human Resources, which is responsible for this management tool.

Policy of prevention and fight against corruption and other detrimental acts

Policy of prevention and fight against corruption and other detrimental acts

It aims at reinforcing WEG's policies and the commitment to the good practices so as to avoid, detect and solve deviations, frauds, irregularities and wrongful acts practiced against the national or foreign public administrations, as well as stimulating the denouncement of noncompliance with it. Such policy represents a summary of the company's directives and forms a set of internal mechanisms of integrity, audit, prevention and fight against corruption.

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