WEG Volunteering Program

Being a volunteer is to give your time, work and talent to the causes of the community and social interest, thus improving the life quality of the people affected by such action.

Volunteering has increasingly become a two-way street, where generosity and self-giving are not the only things involved, but also the opening for new experiences, opportunities for learning, pleasure in being useful, expansion of social networking and professional development.

WEG believes that one of the essential components of volunteering is the experience of the volunteers, their professional background and life experience in the family and community. In order to be a volunteer, it is not necessary to be a specialist; it just requires motivation and interest in this noble act of helping people.

WEG Volunteering programs offer an opportunity for the employees that want actively to take part in the community, conveying knowledge by means of their experiences and skills.

The so-called Solidary Actions are projects and events that take place throughout the year and are offered to the volunteers. In 2018, 420 volunteers registered.

If you have any questions, please contact: voluntario@weg.net



The social investments (SI) are destined to the cities in which WEG has industrial operation, having four areas of action: Health, Education, Social Inclusion and Culture.

Investments are made through two sources of funds: Own Funds, from direct values of the company, and through tax incentives. The approval of the projects, as already mentioned, is analyzed based on the alignment with the WEG Social Investment Policy.

Principles of the Social Investments

The projects will be sponsored by WEG provided that they:

  1. Occur in cities where WEG keeps industrial operations;

  2. Derive from a private, non-profit entity, whose legislation enables the tax deduction, and which has a recognized record of accomplishment;

  3. Aim at a collective coverage;

  4. Bring social improvement and life quality for the population;

  5. Involve WEG employees and/or their relatives;

  6. Are related to the necessities and interests of the community;

  7. Contribute to the sustainable development;

  8. Promote a positive image of WEG;

  9. Are kept by at least one more sponsor so as not to depend exclusively on WEG's resources;

  10. Are aligned with WEG Code of Ethics and Policy of Prevention and Fight against Corruption and Other Detrimental Acts.

If you have any questions, contact WEG Social Investment Group comunidade@weg.net


Social Investments

in R$ Million

Own Resources and via Incentive Laws

Of the invested funds in 2018, 78% were through Own Resources and 22% through Tax Incentives, divided into 5 Tax Incentive Laws (Rouanet Law, Sports Law, Childhood and Adolescence Fund, Elderly Fund and PRONAS).

Of the 44 projects supported, 21 serve Children and Adolescents.

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