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IoT Platform and Digital Solutions for Industry 4.0


The concept of Industry 4.0 was first used at the Hannover Fair in 2011, as a high-tech strategy project of the German government, known for innovation. The project involved several spheres of society to modernize and further improve local industries. This model is based on the understanding that investments in innovation studies and projects should be focused on the technological content and its benefits to society, not just on the financial aspect.

This integration among machines, capable of making decentralized decisions and cooperating with each other and with humans, is possible thanks to tools such as big data, cloud computing and Internet of Things (IoT). The latter, combined with automated systems, allows connecting the Internet to objects, far beyond smartphones, tablets and computers.

With IoT, the so-called intelligent factories emerge, making the connection between sensors and other devices, to collect information in real time, analyze them and create response actions. The industry thus gains efficiency by saving resources, increasing productivity and reducing downtime through the predictive maintenance of machines and equipment.


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