Memphis, one of the largest perfumery companies in Brazil, contacted WEG to establish its commitment to innovation and technology in the production of its toilet soaps, deodorants, deo colognes and talcs, which are supplied throughout Brazil and exported to several Mercosur countries. The company, which has automated production lines with the latest equipment, looked to WEG for solutions for Industry 4.0 at its factory. 

Memphis: Ready for Industry 4.0

By installing 209 WEG Motor Scan® units in February 2019, Memphis became one of the first companies in the country to use sensors to monitor all the plant motors, this is possible through the WEG Motor Fleet Management solution, developed to provide more convenience and flexibility for the operation, maintenance and management of industrial plants. 

WEG Motor Scan® is a non-invasive device that periodically monitors electric motor data, such as vibration, temperature and operating time, diagnosing occasional failures sending such data to the maintenance personnel – everything through WEG Motor Fleet Management. This new platform has made asset management much simpler- as it enables the analysis of important diagnostics for maintenance planning and decision making. WEG Motor Fleet Management is the ideal solution for monitoring your drive fleet.

With this WEG solution for industry 4.0, the reliability of electric motors at Memphis has increased, as in addition to avoiding plant downtime which leads to more productivity and efficiency, it also helps maximize the results of the plant, optimizing time and reducing maintenance and spare part costs.

WEG, recognized for the development of high performance equipment for industrial environments, offers the market several combinations of high efficiency products and solutions for Industry 4.0 in order to reduce energy consumption and improve industrial processes worldwide.

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