The rational use of electricity is a key factor for industry competitiveness, and it is critical that each company assesses its opportunities. Electric energy consumption in the industry by electric motors averages 68%. Therefore, upgrading the motors is a key action. Brazilian industry spends more energy to produce the same products as other countries and pays one of the most expensive electricity tariffs in the world. Such combination creates great opportunities to invest in energy efficiency in Brazil as the return on investment is fast.

How to invest in energy efficiency?

WEG Opex is an opportunity to modernize manufacturing plants without investments. In this model of electric motor lease, no investment is required: you receive new motors with warranty. Energy savings pay the lease, with positive cash flow every month.

How does WEG Opex work?

WEG carries out the technical study. With Santander's financing line, CSI purchases the products from WEG and enables the direct leasing process with the customer. The costs of installation and monitoring services may be diluted over the period. 

General conditions of the WEG Opex Program include a lease term of up to 5 years with the possibility of extending the lease upon termination, purchasing the equipment at 25% of the motor value on the contract date, or leasing new equipment in lieu of the one that was in use. 


  • Upgrading of the manufacturing plant, new equipment with WEG warranty, no need for investment (as in the Capex model) and reduced maintenance costs.

  • Lease cost (after tax impacts) lower than savings provided by lower operating expenses.

  • Replacement of investment (Capex) with operating expense (Opex), simplifying investment decisions and capital allocation.

  • Improvement of financial and operating performance indexes.

  • Predictable operating expense related to leased equipment.

  • Used motors are taken as part of the payment, decreasing the lease rates. You can also receive such amount in cash. 

In addition to those advantages, WEG Opex also has a great sustainability appeal, as it removes inefficient motors from the market and recycles components, which significantly reduces the carbon footprint in the manufacturing of new motors. 

WEG Opex. Zero investment and 100% utilization: You rent more efficient electric motors and still make a profit.

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