Strategically focused on the photovoltaic solar energy business growth in the domestic market and using its technological background, WEG has become one of the main suppliers of products and solutions for solar power plants in Brazil.

Since 2016, when the company signed its first EPC (engineering, procurement and construction) supply contract, the company has already delivered four solar power plants in the Northeast: Coremas I, Coremas II, Angico and Malta (state of Paraíba). By the middle of 2019 the forecast is to deliver three more: Esmeralda (state of Pernambuco), Sobrado (state of Bahia) and Coremas III (state of Paraíba).

All projects together included more than 664 thousand photovoltaic modules, with power ratings ranging between 330 and 375 Wp and more than 193.0 MVA of solar inverters installed in power plants in the states of Pernambuco, Paraíba and Bahia. These plants will have the capacity to generate 479.8 GWh per year, enough energy to supply more than 200 thousand homes and avoid emissions of 780.2 thousand tons of CO2 a year into the environment.

For all contracts WEG also supplies the modules, trackers, VFD´s, transformers, cubicles, substations and all the integration engineering and application software for the plants. In addition to the EPC supply, the company also is in charge of doing the O & M (operation and maintenance) services for the plants and substations.

As stated by João Paulo Gualberto da Silva, WEG´s New Energies Director, the performance of the solar business has gained considerable importance within the generation, transmission and distribuiton area of the company and the expectation is positive for the coming years. "Among the latest auctions held for renewable energy sources, the most attractive were those related to solar energy, so we are very much optimistic about the new projects on this business area," says João Paulo.

In addition to major projects, WEG also has accumulated experience in distributed generation for small power plants, industries, commercial facilities and homes. The company has already built three small plants in Minas Gerais, with a capacity of 10.37 MWp, one in Rio de Janeiro, with 1.32 MWp, one in São Paulo, with 1.267 MWp, three in Pernambuco, with 3.5 MWp, one in Santa Catarina, with 3.0 MWp and another in Mato Grosso, with 1.1 MWp.

In small and medium-sized residential, commercial and industrial facilities, WEG has already supplied four thousand solar systems through its integrators network, only in 2018.