Being able to watch wild animals in their natural African habitat is a game viewing experience sought after by many tourists worldwide. While safari related activities benefit local communities through ecotourism, the focus is to do so without causing any negative impact to wildlife, all technologies applied to such safaris must follow sustainable patterns to preserve this environment for future generations.

Within this concept, WEG electric motors and frequency drives were chosen by Freedom Won, a South African company that converts conventional vehicles into electric traction to equip vehicles and boats used both domestically and in local safaris.

Regarded as the first international delivery solution for electric traction and mobility made by WEG, the supply package included four special CFW11 211A frequency drives and four 30kW W22 Wmagnet electric motors.

The products have been installed in electric Land Rover vehicles used for safaris in Chobe National Park and also for transfers between Kasane International Airport and Chobe Game Lodge. Electric boat conversions were also developed to watch the animals in and from the Chobe River.

Featuring an extremely low noise level and free of CO2 emissions, game lodge visitors can be transported around quietly while watching the animals in their natural environment without disturbing them, in stark contrast with the previous noise of a diesel engine game vehicle. As stated by Freedom Won personnel, WEG technology will reduce operating costs by 90% compared to conventional vehicles used in safaris, resulting in return on investment within about five years.

Customization of the WEG products to this application, as well as the long lasting business relationship between Freedom Won and the team at Zest WEG Group in South Africa coupled with the engineering support from WEG Brazil were key points for this project to be launched successfully.