Photo: Powertrain WEG equips the first 100% electric light truck developed in Brazil

WEG announces a partnership agreement with MAN Latin America for the construction of the first 100% electrically-driven light truck developed in Brazil.

Known as e-Delivery the truck will be equipped with WEG's Powertrain system, consisting of an electric motor that delivers 80 kW (110HP) of output power, plus a frequency drive. In addition to the Powertrain, WEG will also provide the auxiliary electric motors and drives for an air compressor, a hydraulic pump, and for air conditioning systems. Designed in partnership with Eletra, the project for traction of commercial vehicles also incorporates lithium-ion battery banks and has an autonomy of 200 kilometers, depending on the application and on the vehicle configuration.

The e-Delivery will be designed with 100% national engineering, with trial test operations and is expected for next year. The project was introduced to the market by Volkswagen to meet the green logistics, zero emissions and low noise traffic areas. With a long tradition of supplying electric traction systems for buses, trolleybus trains, and ships, WEG now takes an important step in its growth strategy in the market for metropolitan-use electric vehicles. 

"In addition to the company's consolidation in the market for electric mobility systems, we are allowing WEG engineering to be in line with global automotive industry," says Manfred Peter Johann, WEG Automation Managing Director.