The evolution of storage capacity, data processing, connectivity and the decrease in sensor size allowed its massive use in the most diverse domestic and industrial applications. These devices capture and transform data into user-accessible information, generating a volume of documentation that directly implies the advancement of new technologies. In order to manage more directly and practically the content captured by the sensors, with minimal human interference, WEG has developed a specific module, with artificial intelligence, for monitoring electric motors.

Artificial Intelligence for Real Results

WEG Motor Specialist is a solution that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to diagnose, monitor and indicate predictive maintenance on electric motors. This innovative tool transforms WEG’s expertise into algorithms, making motor fleet management much more effective.

Smarter Sensor with Machine Learning

The WEG Motor Scan® learns about the operating patterns and deviations that the electric motor presents during its operation, based on the indicators of imbalance, misalignment, load and consumption, and automatically makes this data available via Gateway to the WEG Motor Specialist module in WEG Motion Fleet Management. And it is from this learning that the sensor identifies, without human interference, vibration occurrences that alter the operating patterns of the monitored equipment. Artificial intelligence in favor of machine reliability, productivity and availability.

Thanks to the solution, it is possible to reduce the verification routes and vibration spectral studies to identify the main failures, which would lead to high costs and longer lead time of the analysis to define the motor situation. With the WEG Motor Specialist module, the diagnostics are done autonomously, allowing the user a fast and low-cost maintenance action. From now on, avoid downtime, plan maintenance, optimize power consumption and increase your operational efficiency with the WEG Motor Specialist. Your motor powered by intelligence.