WEG Dry-Type Transformers are the most effective alternative when it comes to safety, extended service life, and environmental conservation. The company has recently delivered the first 20,000 kVA dry-type transformers fully designed and manufactured in Brazil. The uniqueness of this project was that WEG provided a total synergistic package which included substation power input to the switch board panels.

The highlights of this unit are the two 20,000 kVA transformers with 34.5kV primary and a secondary at 13.8kV. Both of these transformers are vacuum encapsulated and installed on the primary substation with the purpose of feeding customers electrical rooms.

This configuration of enclosed primary substation with dry-type transformers provides the customer with a compact power supply system with a great environmental gain, since WEG dry-type transformers do not present a risk of explosion, and also do not propagate fire due to the properties of self-extinguishing epoxy resin.