The use of these motors provides gains in reliability and energy efficiency, which is reflected in lower operating costs, bringing the industrial plant more reliability and reduction in the final product cost. A service contract is being studied at this time and will serve the Louis Dreyfus Commodities (LDC) company in all its units. The agreement aims at serving the client in product specifications, sizing of inventory, limit for restoration of machines and other services that are currently part of the scope of the WEG Technical Assistance Department.

According to José Renato Nagib, Dreyfus Supply Manager and one of the main developers of this contract, the contract was only viable because WEG understood the real needs of LDC. “In this contract, WEG will provide a continuous supply of motors and paints for all the Dreyfus units in Brazil. Together with that, we have also established a recycling program which will generate a reduction in CO² emissions. We are studying further steps with WEG involving a service contract for the purpose of reducing operating costs at our units.”

The agreement also includes the WEG Recycling Plan, a program for replacing old motors with new ones with better output levels and consequent reduction in electrical power consumption. WEG receives these motors as a form of payment and the customer uses this credit for price reduction in the purchase of new motors. In a few months of the agreement, various technical and commercial visits have already been made to the group’s units, resulting in diverse solutions and products optimized for the application.