Based on an exclusivity agreement signed in 2001, WEG supplies LV and MV motors aside from drives and MCC’s for different installations of Votorantim Group, one of the largest companies in Brazil, holding business in several industrial areas such as cement, concrete, pulp and paper, steel, and concentrated citrus, among others. "By renewing the agreement, our successful partnership will continue until 2012", says WEG's technical sales analyst Roberto Carlos Contini.

Most recent WEG supplies to Votorantim Cimentos all over the country include installation of eight energy substations with an investment of about US$ 20,000. Particularly to Votorantim Cimentos WEG is supplying six substations with capacity ranging from 7.5 to 30MVA in voltage range of 69 to 138kV. One substation is already active and supplying energy for the new grinding factory in Pecém/CE. The others will equip the Aratu/BA, Xambioá/TO, Porto Velho/RO, Vidal Ramos/SC and Baraúnas/RN factories, all of them in Brazil. “We're in the implementation phase of these substations. Aratu and Xambioá will be energized this year, and the rest will be operating before end of 2009”, explains Kleber Sartori, WEG's Substation Business Center. “We build and deliver the turn-key substations starting from the initial stage, no matter where our customer is”, says Kleber.

Proving the successful partnership between these two giants, WEG is installing another two 138 and 230kV substations generating 30 and 180MVA respectively for Votorantim Metais. These are being supplied for the plants located in Barra Mansa/RJ and Niquelandia/GO, whereas the first is ready to operate, and the second scheduled to become operation this year still.