Reliability and low maintenance! This is what customers are looking for when choosing a WEG product. Novoroscement, a cement company located in Russia, needed higher plant reliability and less maintenance costs. 

Thanks to WEG specialists the whole case scenario was taken into consideration and many options were offered, such as overload capacity, insulation class, etc. Also, there were many special requirements involved like trouble-free operation, full interchangeability of the new motor complying with all dimensions of the existing motor, including connections with the power grid and control lines. 

Novoroscement now owns a motor with the best technology available on the market for slip ring motors with motorized brush lifting systems. The replacement motor is a M line, 6400 kW, 6 poles, 6 kV and was applied to a raw material mill.

WEG has developed a fully custom interchangeable motor for Novoroscement, adding the new brush lifting system of the M Mining line, delivering to the customer an up-to-date product with all the differentials mentioned above. The mill is one of the main pieces of equipment in a cement plant and if the equipment is out of operation, it can result in substantial production loss. Due to the customer's production requirements, plant downtime needed to be minimized. 

All the planning done by WEG and the leadership in the execution of the services during downtime brought to the cement plant the confidence and guarantee that it would be executed within the expected time and with quality.

About JSC Novoroscement: 

JSC "Novoroscement" is one of the largest domestic cement producers in Russia. The company was founded in 1882 and has more than 136 years of history.