Generators and medium voltage motors, besides command and motor protection panels, are part of a package supplied by WEG to the Navship shipyard, one of the many companies belonging to the Edison Chouest Offshore (ECO) brand name. In an area of 220 thousand square meters, it is located on the margins of the Itajaí-Açu River in Navegantes, Santa Catarina. Specialized in the construction of supply vessels for oil and gas producing platforms, the Navship shipyard is the first branch of the group outside the United States, where it has another four units.

WEG's solution, quoted at around R$ 13 million, is destined for the propulsion and electric generation of the PSV-4,500 type (Platform Supply Vessel), maritime support vessels that are being built in the shipyard. During the construction phase of the five vessels, over 300 direct jobs will be generated. Another 32 permanent jobs will be created afterwards, when the ships are operating as support to the petroleum industry.
Edison Chouest Offshore has vessels, shipyards and a port of activity optimization in the Gulf of Mexico. The company's objective is to create the same structure of integrated services in Brazil. With its headquarters in Louisiana, United States, the group has been operating for over 45 years in three business divisions: maritime support services, land support services and naval construction and repair. It renders its services to the United States Government and to the main petroleum exploration and production companies, especially in the Gulf of Mexico, where it attends Shell, British Petroleum, Chevron, BHP and others.
The group initiated its activities in Brazil at the end of 1991, with the creation of Alfanave Transportes Marítimos, constituted under the name of Chouest Serviços Marítimos Ltda. Today, there are already eight affiliated companies in Brazil, including the Navship shipyard; which, in 2006, initiated its activities in the city of Navegantes, one of the largest fishing centers of Latin America and 92 km from the city of Florianópolis.
Currently, Alfanave has two Brazilian-built ships in operation for Petrobrás, the Cabo Frio and the Mr. Chafic. Besides these, it also operates another three North-American ships, one for Halliburton, another for BJ Services and yet another for Petrobrás.
The Navship shipyard is the only company of the region to receive the 2006 Fritz Müller Award, promoted by the Fundação do Meio Ambiente de Santa Catarina (Fatma) - Santa Catarina Environmental Foundation. Navship was acknowledged under the category of "environmental management", and to be eligible for this award, the shipyard adopted various environmental preservation measures. Some of these measures included the conservation of a green belt around the company, the creation of a sewage treatment station, the use of contention buoys in the margins of the Itajaí-Açu River, to avoid water-borne pollution, as well as weekly monitoring of air and noise pollution.