WEG's business area named Substation Business Center, which supplies medium and high voltage turnkey substations to the Brazilian market, has participated in partnership with some customers in a social and environmental campaign at sixteen of its projects that were in progress during the campaign time period. 

Considered as a common practice in the market, this specific campaign aimed at encouraging two of the seventeen Sustainable Development Goals adopted by the United Nations. Around a thousand people have taken part in the project in different Brazilian cities, including employees and customers. 

The first sustainable development goal set up for this project was Number 6 - Clean Water and Sanitation, which aimed to provide supply and safe drinking water to the region in order to reduce the number of people who suffer from water shortage and, at the same time, protect the environment. The second is Number 14 - Life below Water, which aims to prevent and reduce all types of pollution, especially those caused by land-based activities, including marine debris, nutrient pollution and waste that could be recycled. 

Guided by this initiative, river banks and water springs were cleaned and more than 1200 species of native trees were planted in the regions where the substation projects are located, including different ecosystems such as Atlantic Forest, Caatinga and Cerrado. In addition, an initiative was implemented to raise awareness about the use of water among the children of the employees working in the projects. This task was based on drawing contest, so that from an early age child learn the importance of the correct use of such a precious resource on our planet, the water.