WEG is one of the nine Brazilian companies included in the Carbon Clean TM Report (Clean200TM), which presents the 200 largest publicly traded clean energy companies in the world.

Conducted by As You Sow and Corporate Knights, the Clean200TM ranks the world's largest publicly traded companies for its total revenues originated from clean energy, as evaluated by Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF). To be eligible, the company must have a market value of more than $1 billion and have more than 10% of total revenues coming from clean energy sources.

The Carbon Clean200TM Report has been in place since August 2016 and the methodology for this edition has been updated using Corporate Knights' clean corporate performance database, to capture areas of the clean economy that are beyond energy efficiency, green energy, zero emissions and electric vehicles. Upon this new methodology, new sectors and new companies were included in the survey, which was reflected in the overall composition of the ranking, with the debut of 87 new companies compared to the last survey, presented in July 2018.

The new sectors covered by Carbon Clean200TM are: banks financing low-carbon solutions, construction companies and real estate companies focused on low-carbon buildings, forest-based companies that help protect green forests and carbon capture, mining companies, food processing and textile companies with lower carbon footprint, and information and communication technology (ICT) companies that use renewable energy sources.

In addition to WEG, eight other Brazilian companies were nominated in the report: Cemig, Eletrobras, Engie Brasil Energia, Energias do Brasil, Light, Banco do Brasil, Biosev and Natura.