The alignment of the expectations and perceptions of the stakeholders is essential to reach development sustainably.

Every two years, WEG surveys different stakeholders so as to identify the most relevant aspects for a sustainable development. The result generates a matrix that is used for the preparation of the Integrated Annual Report, and for the Strategical Planning in Sustainability.

Survey process

The survey was carried out by means of an online questionnaire, presenting fifteen aspects related to sustainability, and the ten priorities were mentioned in order of relevance.  

Definition of the stakeholders

The definition of the stakeholders that were surveyed considered a study that identified on which aspects WEG has the greatest impact and/or by which it is impacted, being those:

For the construction of the matrix of the most relevant aspects, it was considered the stakeholders' opinion and WEG's perception, which was obtained by the WEG Sustainability Group, composed of representatives of corporate areas for sustainability.

The survey process (WEG and stakeholders) defined, by order of relevance, the following aspects:



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