Principles of the Social Investments

The projects will be sponsored by WEG provided that they:

  1. Occur in cities where WEG keeps industrial operations;
  2. Bring social improvement and life quality for the population;
  3. Have a positive impact on WEG’s employees and/or family;
  4. Are from entities of the third sector, non-profit, in good business standing and with recognized reputation;
  5. Keep at least one more sponsor so as not to depend exclusively on WEG's resources;
  6. Have synergy with the interests of the community;
  7. Contribute to the sustainable development;
  8. Promote the positive image of WEG;
  9. Are aligned with the principles of WEG Code of Ethics.
  10.  Have the objective of collective reach.
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If you have any questions, contact WEG Social Investment Group

WEG Volunteering Program

Being a volunteer is to give your time, work and talent to the causes of the community and social interest, thus improving the life quality of the people affected by such action.

Volunteering has increasingly become a two way street, where generosity and self-giving are not the only things involved, but also the opening for new experiences, opportunities for learning, pleasure in being useful, expansion of social networking and professional development.

WEG believes that one of the essential components of volunteering is the experience of the volunteers, their professional background and life experience in the family and community. In order to be a volunteer, it is not necessary to be a specialist; it just requires motivation and interest in this noble act of helping people.

WEG Volunteering programs offer an opportunity for the employees that want actively to take part in the community, conveying knowledge by means of their experiences and skills.

Junior Achievement Volunteering

Education and Entrepreneurship program oriented to the children and adolescents of secondary and high school. The volunteers go to the classroom, where, by means of lectures, they convey concepts of entrepreneurship and notions of the business environment, which contribute to the education of future professionals.

WEG Museum of Science and Technology Volunteering

The volunteers inside the Museum develop a role of knowledge facilitator, orienting and helping the visitors in the interactive applications, guiding the experiments, sharing their professional experience and WEG’s history.

Volunteer Heart

In this program, the entity can present its needs for volunteers, WEG announces them to its employees, and the employees have the opportunity to help the community. It is the goodness cycle, where everyone helps each other searching for a better future.

For the entity to take part in the Volunteer heart: -It must come from the cities where WEG keeps industrial operations. - Fill out the record

Social Investments

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